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GEORGIA SENATE RUNOFF 2022 - Information specific to the Georgia Senate Runoff Election on December 6, 2022.

LIGHT THE TORCH - Commit to vote in the Senate Runoff election by December 6, 2022—and help others vote!

This website host links to a five part webinar series: Power the Disability Vote.  

Simply click the title from the list below to be redirected to the webinar information you want to review or access:

  1. Making my Voter Plan | Thursday | September 8, 2022

  2. Finding my Polling Place | Early Voting or Day of General Election | Thursday | September 22, 2022

  3. Understanding my ballot and where to find it before I vote | Thursday | September 29, 2022

  4. Understanding required accessibility accommodations at the polls | Thursday | October 13, 2022

  5. Getting help if I have trouble at the polls | Thursday | October 27, 2022

For each of the five webinar topics, you will find the following links to support information to use in conversations in your community.  This information is collected to support Community Connectors as they educate their friends and neighbors on dates and new election laws for voting in Georgia.

  • Summary of the Webinar Topic

  • PowerPoint Presentation

  • Outline of Presentation as Word document

  • Video and Audio Recordings of the Webinar

  • One-pager of Webinar Topic in English and Spanish

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Rides to the Polls

Reliable transportation is one of the many major roadblocks to Georgian’s with disabilities fulfilling their civil right to cast their ballot,  have their vote count and their voice heard. REV UP Georgia is partnering with state-wide organizations in an attempt to overcome this barrier. Click this link to connect to resources that will help you schedule your ride to the polls.  

Importance of the Disability Vote

There are 7.8 million registered voters in Georgia! Approximately 650,000 people with disabilities in Georgia are of voting age—family and loved ones can double or triple their impact, with nearly 20% of voters having a “stake” in disability issues.

The good news— 5% more of eligible voters with disabilities voted in 2020 than in 2016.

The not-so-good news—people with disabilities were 5% less likely to vote than those without disabilities.

Vote for candidates who will work on your issues and concerns!  No candidate will be perfect.

Every candidate will have to work with others to accomplish policy changes.

"I'm not gonna pass nobody my torch,

but I will light yours for you..." Gaylon Tootle

Important General Resources

REV UP VOTING ISSUES GUIDE - American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)

A Tool for Voters and Candidates to Understand Key Issues Impacting People with Disabilities:


Stay up to date on critical voting events such as last date to register to vote or first date to request an absentee ballot on the REV UP Georgia shared calendar. Click here to add to your calendar.



11/25 - last day to apply for absentee ballot

11/28 - first day of early voting

12/2 - last day of early voting


Once I have voted, how do I know if my vote has been counted?

If you voted by Absentee Ballot simply go to My Voter Page at and click Absentee Ballot Portal in the top dark blue tool bar.  

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