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When you Register to Vote you add your name to the list of voters in Georgia. You can register in person, online, or by mail. Online, you can Register at My Voter Page. The Register to Vote entry (below) has the details. 

You can vote in three ways. How you vote is up to you! Ask someone you trust if you need help deciding how you’ll vote.

  1. You can vote early, which means before Election Day. The advantage to voting early is that you can vote at a time that’s convenient for you. You can vote early at any early voting location in your county. You can find these locations in your county at My Voter Page. Click My Voting Location and then click Early Voting Polling Locations. You’ll need a valid photo ID or voter ID. You can also use a Drop Box during the early voting period. 

  2. In Georgia you can take part in Absentee Voting. This means you apply for an absentee ballot, fill it out, and send it or take it to your county Board of Elections. My Voter Page has your county Board of Election's contact information. To turn in your absentee vote you can also use a Drop Box in your county, but only during the early voting period. 

  3. Third, you choose to vote In Person. On election day, you just go to your local polling place, get in line, and vote! Polls open at 7 am and close at 7 pm. The address of your polling place is on your precinct card. You can also find the address at My Voter Page (on the web that’s m v p DOT s o s DOT g a DOT gov). To vote in person you’ll need a valid Photo ID or Voter ID card.  

Voting Accessibility. Federal and Georgia laws require that the entire voting process is accessible. Polling places, for example, must be accessible to people with limited visual or hearing, people who use wheelchairs, and people who have service dogs. Even the path to the polling place must be accessible! Read Voting Accessibility in our Glossary for the details and to find out what to do if your site is not accessible. There you’ll also find ways to report obstacles you face when you vote. (Voting Assistance for People with Disabilities).

Everything you need to know about required accommodations at the polls.  


Because registering to vote is so important, It’s important to understand what it means to be purged from the list of registered voters. You don’t want to be a purged voter! The state of Georgia is always reviewing the list of registered voters to make sure it is up to date. Sometimes voters are removed from the list, or purged, if they haven’t voted recently or if they have changed their address without changing their voter registration. Before voting, make sure your name has not been purged. You can do this at My Voter Page. More details about this topic can be found in our Glossary under Purged Voters.

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