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Where you vote depends on how you vote. 

  1. If you take part in Early Voting in person, you vote at an election office in your county. Use My Voter Page to find the locations of offices in your county. That address again is MVP.SOS.GA.GOV. Click My Voting Location and then Early Voting Polling Locations to get addresses, hours of operation, and directions. The address of the nearest early voting location may be different from the address of your Polling Place. These early voting offices are open only during the early voting period. You can use a Drop Box when voting early, but be aware that not every early voting location has a drop box. You can read more about drop boxes and early voting in our Glossary. 

  2. Second, if you vote absentee, you apply for a ballot, complete it on your own or with help, and take it or mail it to your county Election Office (Board of Elections). You can complete this ballot at home. Many people return an absentee ballot by mail, but you can also use a drop box or hand your ballot in at your local election office. The addresses of drop boxes can be found on My Voter Page. Click My Voting Location and then Absentee Ballot Dropbox Locations.

  3. Third, if you vote In Person on Election Day, you go to the Polling Place in your Precinct. A precinct is an election district. You can find the address of your Polling Place and its hours on your Precinct Card and at My Voter Page. On the web, that’s MVP.SOS.GA.GOV. At My Voter Page enter your information and click My Voting Location. If you vote early or in person you will need to have a valid Photo ID or a Georgia Voters ID card.

  4. Here’s a tip: If you’ll need a ride to the polling place or early voting location, make sure to arrange for transportation before Election Day! You can find details on this topic in the Voting Challenges section of Jessica’s Guide. 

Everything you need to know about where to vote!

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